Monday, 9 March 2015

A few around the office

I bookended last week with Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots. It was playing at Three Crowns as I was breakfasting on Monday and again as I was celebrating on Friday evening. I've been there a year. This isn't what I was celebrating but it's notable nonetheless. A whole year of corporate culture and working life, making the Flaming Lips feature particularly notable. I've certainly changed in that strange way that people do when they spend most of their time with not their friends. I'm trying to think of a pop culture reference to make my ping nicely but after this particular 14 hour day, I have no words or energy. But it's still been a good day. The main lifestyle changes (apart from the boozing and consequent skin repercussions that I've heavily alluded to) are less sleep, more cabs and more meals out. You can try all you like to pretend that more money won't change you and you'll save it oh the really most restrained manage it. Some (most) days, the money vs time trade off that happens is worth it. It's not like you don't get something in return. Last week, I ate at no fewer than four new places.
At Three Crowns, I breakfasted (another occasional lifestyle change) on black pudding and fingerling potatoes. Perfectly buttery. Meatliquor in Leeds - oh yeah, work travelling and the weirdly intimate things you share - was less good. Greasy, heavy, meaty and just not what you want before sleeping in a chemical hotel room with the beginnings of a light red wine hangover. (That's Leeds in a nutshell.) The flip side is lovely lunches like at the Post Office in Leeds. The nice corporate places have probably changed my appetite for the scuzzier meals, like Peppers n Spice with housemates on Thursday that fell flat. I'm more used now to breakfasts like Friday morning at Dishoom - bacon naan is not heresy to me anymore. The chai was disappointing but sweetened (ha ha) by the news that I'd been promoted. And to finish, a deluxe meal at 8 Hoxton Square paid for by the kindness of the richer to make you reflect upon the fact that the line doesn't between friends and colleagues needn't be as rigid internally, even if some boundaries are best kept as they are. That's all, folks.

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