Sunday, 8 March 2015

Review - Rita's

I found my way to Rita's finally! I feel that this is the start of a new phase, or at least a few months, where I'm calm, relaxed and generally an all round together person. (Ha.) I found time to tidy my room and invest in a coat stand, new sofa covers and a drying rack (though not an ISA, unfortunately). Most importantly, I went outside in daylight! It was so springy and crisp and only minorly buzz-harshed by the Explorer asking if we were there yet because he was hungry. The silver lining to that was that we got to Rita's. And bar some weird interactions with the waitress and generally slow service, it was excellent.
So, my first chicken waffle! I may never eat anything else again. Except for that gloriously gluey, sticky, cheesy mac n cheese. Alive with chilli and with a hint of limey avocado on top. A special shout out for that sausage gravy - this is what it's all about.

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