Friday, 24 April 2015

A quick one about Edinburgh

As part of my campaign to promote Edinburgh over Durham to my brother, I decided to take the radical step of inviting him up to the Explorer's house and see the city in all its glory. A side effect is that he also saw me and the Explorer together which has never, ever happened before. There was also a fair amount of boozing which neither me nor my brother has seen the other one do. So, how did that pan out? Well, firstly, I got their names confused quite a bit whenever I was doing my cajoling someone for being an idiot / irritating me voice. This happens even when they're not in the same expanse of space and only got worse. (It's also obviously hilarious for everyone else and indicates that I should stop telling the Explorer / anyone off.) But names and irritation aside, it was a fairly chill weekend. Well done all of us! 
It started with a burrito at Pinto Mexican - far superior to Chilango's / similar because of the breadth of choice. Particularly of note is the rub on both the slow roasted and steaky beef. I also had haggis with my breakfast the next morning at The Pantry. It was by far the nicest example of haggis I've tried - firmer in texture and less peppery. The other elements of the build your own breakfast included a tattie scone and vegetable hash - all conspiring together to trump the American inspired waffles of which London seems so fond. Last of all, we ended up in Henderson's in St John's. 
Great location - all crypty but still light and with lovely little paintings everywhere. I'm surprised it wasn't more full. I was full (ha, ha) after the vegetarian EXTRAVAGANZA that we ordered. Bean burgers, bean taco, a spinach cheese fill thing and an array of colourful salads. 


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