Sunday, 5 April 2015

Delicious Grand Cayman

Hey, I've skipped no meals and had no hangovers! The wonders of a Caribbean holiday. The flip side of this is that the jeans I wore out had to be left unbuttoned for the return journey but frankly, give a shit. Other handy stats that summarise how relaxed and wonderful and great I feel: 0 urges to listen to weirdly upbeat but depressing lame Sia songs, 10 nails and toes immaculately painted and buffed to within an inch of their life, still unchipped, 0 incidents of me missing dates with the Explorer and / or coming home and saying 'it's quiet time now please leave me alone'. So relaxed. So luxurious. It's pretty great. 

So what did we eat? Fish tacos from the appropriately titled Sunset House while watching this bloody great sunset. Wonderfully flaky, moist fish fry sandwiches from Rum Point defying my rule of thinking fish and bacon is weird together. The last beach shack we went to was Duke's - the jambalaya was spicy and packed with moist seafood but much too salty. The jerk wasn't the best but nothing to complain about.
Plus, it was competing with Seymour's jerk pork that comes straight from a barrel! Unsurprisingly, the loveliest, spiciest, fruitiest jerk I've had. Curry goat I had alongside the fluffiest paratha from Singh's Roti Shop. 
On the other end of the fanciness spectrum, we had coconut shrimp at Royal Palm's - a little underwhelming but the freshness of the mango salsa means I still feel positive. And my last meal we had at Catch and, serendipitously, it was by far the nicest. A huge plate of seafood spaghetti full of fresh white fish, prawns, mussels, lobster, everything in a garlicky tomato sauce which would have been just wonderful to soak in bread - had the waitress not inadvertently tipped it onto the Explorer's white shirt instead. 

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