Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Breakfasts and Lunches - Ottolenghi, Lantana

I'm writing this on the 18th of May. I had previously written a preamble but it was post election and it felt a bit bad taste to be all 'and then I went to Ottolenghi' - even if most of it was on the subject of it being annoying when people assume that wealth = lack of compassion. ANYWAY, it was full of ire and I didn't want to be so publicly ire-y. The last two weeks have been work work work no life or time or play. And now I have time to reflect but nothing to reflect on but work which is exactly what I'm trying not to think about in my 'leisure' time. So let's skip to the food.

Ottolenghi has opened in Spitalfields. The jam is home made. The butter tastes home-churned. I was torn between shakshuka and a delicious bean and sausage stew (stew one). Moreish doesn't begin to cover it. Lunch is spectacular - mountains of deliciously 'I just threw this together except actually it has 21+ ingredients in it' salads. Served with a selection of classic Ottolenghi proteins: sumac with chicken features. It was so big I barely finished half and I think of it often.
Lantana had a menu where I knew exactly what I would have two days before the fact. Sausage patty sold it for me. Oh my god - it tasted like every McDonalds taste to a drunkard's mind. Nestled between two firm but fluffy buns with a rich, sweet sauce. It's not all bad, is it?

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