Sunday, 10 May 2015


When I started writing this blog, it was on the theme of 'it's like the Cayman Islands never happened!' I think that's come across adequately in the three blogs I've posted since then - and if it hasn't, it's come across well from the fact that it's taken two weeks to get any new material out. Well, anyway, I've been cooking less than I would've liked to but still a reasonable amount. Some highlights, minus the recipes since I never know quantities anyway and now don't have time to make any up.

My first focaccia - one with goats cheese, onion and thyme. The other with olive and parsley. Ottolenghi chargrilled broccoli, spring lamb with peas and anchovies, courgette and mint salad plus several delicious things that the housemates made.

In the Cayman Islands we had more of a mexicana theme - carne asada stuffed potatoes with brussel sprout quesadillas, a new staple. Shredded sprouts, onions, jalapeƱo roasted in an oven. Wrap in a tortilla with spring onion and cheese then fry. 

We also did some more inventive space and time consuming bits. Beer can chicken with potatoes, ponlano peppers and chorizo - make a rub - we went for one with garlic, paprika and cumin. Stick the can inside the chicken, prop upright and put in the oven - roast as you would normally. Chorizo, potato and peppers in the roasting pan all melded together to make a wonderful sauce. Would be delicious with bread.

Then, back in the UK without the explorer, I went back to vegetable land with roasted cauliflower quarters - caramelise the cut sides over a high heat in olive oil. Stick in the oven with a bit of salt for 30 mins to finish cooking. We had this with a hotch potch meal of potato and sea bass.

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