Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Review - Gymkhana

Things I don't love about being a grown up:
Having no time or energy 
Having to maintain two versions of self
Being kind of a whiny bitch all the time (esp to the Explorer)
Having to do galleries etc on the weekends when they're really busy and I'm probably hungover and therefore not really doing anything ever
Questioning life choices in all aspects all the time
Feeling too distracted to read
Having nothing to say on here / in general 

Things I love about being a grown up:
Having cocktails before dinner
Having my nails done on the regz
Wooden hangers and knife sharpeners and a coat rack and John Lewis wine glasses (now all broken)
Confidence in expressing opinion because really who has the time or energy to hold onto teenage hang-ups
Laser eye surgery (if ever I just go and book it)
Automatic filtering out of 'friends' I don't naturally feel at ease around
Michelin starred meals once a month - this month's at Gymkhana
Firstly, the cocktails. My red thing came in the loveliest glass and made me understand why people like that slight bitterness of Aperol / Campari. More than the taste itself, the little crystal bits at the bottom of the glass did it for me. On taste, the twisted gin and tonic yellow thing won.
(Photo blurry because it was delicious and I was really, really hungry.) Then came tandoori prawns - so spicy with a hint of smoke from the oven. Oh and it came with a creamy sauce that cooled the whole thing down. The duck dosa was so much fun to crack open and revealed the sweetest jewelled bits of duck inside. The venison keema naan was my favourite and begs the question - why don't we eat everything on flat bread? Mains were even more fun - biryani which came with a pastry top! Buried at the bottom were really dark, rich bits of meat. Tender chops of lamb proving incontrovertibly that no meat should ever be tough. Grilled quail demonstrating successfully that even unexpected meats do really well with a good spicing. And the nicest touches were the achars and sauces - the green chilli one especially.

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