Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Review - Clove Club

I'm 24! I had a birthday! The best thing about it was taking Friday off and putting on an out of office message which may as well have said 'ha ha suck it I'm not working this weekend'. I felt particularly smug when I popped into the office to get my actifry (subsequently returned) and passed a couple of people who probably thought I was dressed like a joker. LITTLE DID THEY KNOW. Anyway, I headed to Clove Club afterwards for a wondrous lunch to start my favourite weekend of 2015 so far. It involved pork pie WITH MY NAME ON IT, BOWLING, music, brunch, prosecco, ALL SORTS OF WILD CRAZY FUN, naps, picnics, Hampstead Heath, CIDER and pasta. (Worst Monday ever.)

So, onto the food. First came the snacks. Reminiscent of Copenhagen in that they were small, intricately constructed morsels of interesting. One involved cod foam, one was a sparky green bean thing and one was a luscious bite of chicken in a pine cone basket. We moved onto lentils with a meaty, savoury Italian (?) sausage. What I most enjoyed about it was how it all tasted so NORMAL but also just great. This was followed for me by aged chicken - which I wasn't all too sold on to be honest. It tasted really strong and ashy but it just didn't do it for me. Everything else on my plate - smoked potato, a single spring onion - managed somehow to taste incredible enough to redeem it. The asparagus and ray that the Explorer ordered were UNREAL. My pudding was essentially jelly and ice cream - but the jelly was so lemonade-y and made my mouth pop an the ice cream was flecked with pepper and it all just made me think - hey, going out to meals is fun. 

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