Saturday, 27 June 2015

Review - Market Cafe

I HAVE NO WORDS. I started with an entry that went over the confusion and feeling of being CLEAVED I feel when I have unexpected free time on a weeknight before segueing into saying not much of anything except describing my weekend in chronological order (boring). I deleted that and started again with 'A few things happened on the weekend I visited Market Cafe' but now I can't remember what those things are. So let's go through highlights of that week so if nothing else, it'll serve as a record for me when I'm old and hipster cafes are a thing of the past because of the overpopulation / running out of fossil fuels / nuclear war: making courgette and carrot pasta (obviously, not as good as real pasta), discovering the Sun Tavern (great glasses), seeing a boy drop a log menacingly in a pond in Haggerston Park (doesn't do well on the re-telling but would be a YouTube phenomenon if I'd recorded it). Lowlights: paying to go to the Queen of Hoxton (why, why, why would anyone ever go there), working on Sunday for no good reason other than I was so distracted and floopy in the week, not viewing a house because there's no way that we're going to be accepted for a house buying scheme there (also because we cba), the food at Market Cafe (but two thumbs up for the company).
I got a feeling about Market Cafe as soon as we walked in and the guy was a bit too friendly. The second bad omen was the board with letters which didn't quite give the sense that it was an American diner - the letters were all different sizes and too self-conscious. The menu didn't enthuse me either but I went for the ham hock hash. I was expecting something a bit like a big rosti with some big slabs of ham. Instead, I got fried potato and soft stringy ham. It was so average and overly sweet that I didn't finish it. Which meant that my fellow diner who #calledit and had suggested going to a greasy spoon for breakfast instead got to satisfy his craving for chips, kind of. I wouldn't go back here.

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