Saturday, 1 August 2015

Review - Verden

Ok so now the initial 'hooray I've done something, that's something!' has passed, it's come to dealing with the stress and anxiety and boredom of actually doing something. I'd forgotten that everything, instead of being a comfortable, if sludge-ish slog, becomes fraught with insecurity and as if everything that ever happens is making some attack on the core of your being. Then you add to that the fact that ploughing on just gets so much less bearable when you can imagine the new world where everything will be well, for a while at least. Then you mix that with having to be a normal, functional adult for at least ten hours of every day and on top of that even sometimes when there's socialising to be done. Basically, my current hashtag is constantly #womanontheedge. VERDEN.

You know when you eat somewhere that makes you think constantly about the food you left on your plate every time you're hungry in subsequent days? THAT IS THIS PLACE. The hot smoked salmon was so subtle and just on that side of dry to remind you it's smoked, not cooked. It came lathered in wonderfully tart sauce and quail eggs. The hummus made me get what the fuss is about hummus. The broad bean hummus was a fun twist. The pitta bread has probably ruined supermarket pitta for me now. The chicken liver pate was served in cute little jars with a perfectly formed layer on top - it was so tempting to take it with us. Then came the mains! Falling apart at the seams (falling off the bone is too cliche now) succulent justifying the M&S voiceover lamb. Perfectly crisp potatoes. Wonderfully dressed broccoli and cabbage. I feel close to tears thinking that we made our way through so little of it - I didn't even try the chicken. Yet somehow, I found room for the saltiest pot of chocolate and the vanill flecked cheesecake. I am going to go back to Verden again and again and again.

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