Monday, 28 September 2015

Review - Elephant, The Plough

How was I feeling four weeks ago when I went to eat at Elephant and the Plough? I think I was bored and had that weird feeling being de-sensitised which is hard to break because you can't jump start enjoying social activities but at the same time wasting precious weekend time is not an option. Still, it's difficult for me to say how good the Elephant or the Plough were as a result...
I've tried to go to Elephant a couple of times and I forget why it's been so difficult now. It was Friday night and all the other places were busy but Elephant had a table for five people straight away. Peculiar. I went for the chicken thali and it had a very homey feel to it in that it was mildly spiced and seemed like the restauranteurs pulling out unspectacular family recipes for yuppy cunts to overpay for and feel like they're getting a good deal. (Which is fine, btw, both parties in that exchange leave happy.) But I found the whole thing a bit lacklustre because: (a) they used breast meat instead of thigh, (b) my mother can do better, (c) Curry 2000 and the Indian YMCA both do better for cheaper even if it's not the same vibe of atmosphere. The dahl was memorably warming though and it's definitely one of the better little places in Brixton market.

The Plough 
In the chronicles of living with someone that you're not going to be living with soon, our visit to The Plough fell into the category of times where it's weird because it's fun and nothing's changed (rather than one of the other three types of weird I've counted so far). We got fish tacos and a burger and did our halves. GREAT tacos. Lightly battered, zingy slaw, I'm running out of adjectives. Boring chips. Sweet bun on the burger - burger a bit grainy but all in all a winner. Special props to The Plough for being just on the right side of wanky with the exposed outside lightbulbs and decking and all those other things that people exactly like me with no imagination enjoy. That sounds insulting - but I'm saying that The Plough has the balance right and it's lovely.

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