Saturday, 5 September 2015

Review - Papii, Cafe St Honore, New Town Deli

I've been in Edinburgh for days and days and days, partly for work and partly for the fringe. I was initially going to talk about it all in one mammoth post but that would sully the new principle that I'm aiming to live by of delineating sharply home and work things. It's going well - no work laptop on the weekend, no Friday hangovers, no gloom, no feeling of being cleaved. All good things. So, this is work post one, taking me from my 5am City Airport start to just before seeing a bizarre fringe comedy drawing inspiration from Yoko Ono. The places I eat with work are wildly different to where I eat with peers.

Papii was suggested as a lunch place by some list that came up when searching for 'best lunch Edinburgh'. I don't think it deserves a place on that list. My ham and emmental sandwich was so boring I can't even remember it. Plus, they put mustard in it when I didn't ask for it...

Cafe St Honore
As I've joined my new team, I'm trying not come across as immovable and bossy immediately. The problem is, I really despise eating at terrible places even if I'm not paying and so on balance, I'm happy to take the hit and go down as the girl who marched in and decided to dictate where everyone eats all the time. It was a real struggle to stay polite and keep smiling instead of just saying 'I am not wrong you are the one who is wrong' when a colleague was all 'are we SURE we want to eat here, it's so far from the venue...' (No, you just have the wrong venue in mind. (I told you so.)) Anyway, with this background, there was a lot of pressure on Cafe St Honore to bring its game. And it did. My venison was perfectly rested, my dauphinois were a compressed, melty, buttery CAKE. Mmm. The black pudding had a moreish texture and I didn't get any of my usual 'pig's blood what yuck'. Crunch to the beans, just cooked cabbage. 'Great choice.' YES I KNOW.

New Town Deli
Often being insistent about choosing where to eat doesn't mean I'm unwilling to take suggestions. I had no hand in choosing where to get lunch the next day and still loved New Town Deli, a cafe in the new town (as you would expect). The lunchtime burrito came in one of those healthy feeling, green-specked tortillas. It was filled with slow cooked chilli and fresh, bright salad. Work travelling isn't all that bad.

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