Saturday, 5 September 2015

Review - The Ship on the Shore, Anima, Kyloe

The other added bonus to travelling to Edinburgh is that it removes some of the potential tension of living with the Explorer in the midst of 'scaling back and modernising'. I compared it recently to the bit in We Need To Talk About Kevin where they've decided to divorce and in the aftermath of that, everything is quite filled with relief and content. But then in real life, this just makes you prone to reassessing if you've made the right call. Or, it rapidly disappears and you fight even more and mentally resolve to keep everything amicable. (It probably helps that we don't have a psychopath son to contend with.) So, anyway, it can be handy to have to travel to Edinburgh. Not so much when you get in from London City Airport on a Thursday evening wanting to be alone and asleep.

So on this trip to Edinburgh, I revisited The Ship On The Shore where I got my hands all mucky from clawing open three plump, wonderful langoustines. I am so sad I didn't make more of a dent in that plate.

The next evening, we ended up at Kyloe. Everything about Kyloe made me think I would hate it. It's a large, brash steak restaurant decorated with cow skin on the walls. The menu was explained in an informative but slightly tacky way - a man coming round with a board of meat explaining about marbling and its impact on flavour. So it really says a lot when I say that my porterhouse steak was the best I've had. I got none of that gross sense of 'jeez this used to be alive' from chewing too much which I usually get with steak. It was just unmitigatedly delicious.

Apart from these, I went to Anima which was cheap, Italian and wonderful. And Yo! Sushi at the airport which was way expensive and the most plasticky fast non-fast food I've had.

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