Saturday, 21 November 2015

Review - Lahore Kebab House

A few weeks ago, when I was having the worst morning of my adult life, I read this: 

I started doing a blog in the style of the above but ended up finding it too depressing so stopped. But now that the Explorer has gone and the dust has settled, I will do my homage now in the form of 'thoughts I've had that I would previously send as texts but now I am not licensed to make people listen to your boring thoughts except via a very public online forum'

- I had no concept of how much the Explorer cooked and as someone who's been eating primarily other peoples' cigarettes and junk food, I can attest to the fact that there is a world of health that's as good as skinny feels 

- I love Christmas house on the corner

- Podcasts and The Economist in audio are a fine substitution for conversation in the morning but I feel unsettled when  I think that the first person I've spoken to most mornings this week has been a Swiss partner who wants a comic strip made 

- My friends are, without exception, crazy, but one day they will own this place so let's hope they are merciful 

- Fried chicken is delicious but not enough reason to back pedal 

- Laser eye surgery is still by many yards the best thing I've ever done

- A Little Life is the worst book I've ever read 

- I should stop describing things as the 'worst' or the 'best' so often 

- What will we all do when no one can afford to live in London anymore?

- This is probably the hardest I've tried at anything before which is a good thing I guess, but I need to retain a concept of balance 

- There is a very thin line between repulsive and super hot and what a shame that 80% of people are on the wrong side of that 

- Having two wardrobes is categorically, unequivocally worth it

- Maintaining that this is a food blog is a conceit but actually what I'm eating and why is a very accurate representation of what the deal is

The first supper after the split took place at Lahore Kebab House. I won't over egg this point but in summary: get lamb not chicken, the paratha is disappointing, Tayyab's is better both for curry and on atmosphere which is surprising given how lacking both are in atmosphere, it is very cheap. 

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