Thursday, 14 January 2016

Review - FM Mangal

What is the phenomenon called when you become aware of something e.g. a new word and then you can't help but notice it everywhere and it feels that it has coincidentally become more prevalent but really it's probably just that you're noticing more? YES, INTERNET? Anyway, I feel that a lot at the moment and I can't tell if it's because there are certain things that are actually coming up more amongst people I know, if I'm just noticing them more or if they're all trending so it's a mix of both and it is virtually indistinguishable which is chicken and which is egg. Anyway, the clearest example of this is I Love Dick. Is it that it is resonating because:
a) I have felt more myself than ever before for a variety of reasons and therefore it feels like it speaks to me
b) It is in the spirit of the current Lena / soul baring / oversharing feminist art thing that's on point right now
c) That a lot of my female friends who in broad terms are in the same niche in terms of age, education and experience are going through similar times which could either be a function of age or could be a function of events that have taken place recently or (most likely) because we are at the age where those events are likely to happen
d) I have this blog and happened last week to write about being way open (before I read I Love Dick and knew it was about)
e) All of the above
Anyway, basically it feels like the book that I was meant to write except that actually that's an annoying thing to say because people who are 'meant to write' just write and also I'm not a genius and can't really vocalise ideas that well as she does. Sigh. (Side note: there's a good passage in ILD where she points out and is aware of the coincidences.)
'After having spent a few hours in the salon reading 'I Love Dick' and getting the best haircut she's ever had, all of which added to the air of charm and coincidence, Ari went to a popular Turkish restaurant to meet her friends.'
OK so firstly, props to the bread. It's worth going here to eat just the (free) bread. It tastes so smokey and juicy that there is no way that bread is vegetarian and makes the back of your tongue salivate in a way that is clearly triggering meat craving. Which is great, because we had meat upcoming: the lamb mixed grill. It all homogenises into one iron rich mess with fresh vegetables and I can't really distinguish far beyond that but it was good and nothing was too chewy or not chewy enough. Also, hot mezze platter had different selections of cheese and salt rich treats. But really, just go for the bread. 

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