Monday, 4 January 2016

Review - Kopapa

THE WORST DAY OF THE YEAR IS OVER. It only gets better from here! (It was the third of January, FYI.) Two days after New Year's Day and one day before work, I woke up having slept intermittently as I'd had the worst nightmare I've ever had (think Titus Andronicus, Lavinia) feeling the sort of sad and empty that you forget happens even when you've got your shit together as I'd like to think I usually do. Someone recently (annoyingly) mentioned that I like doing things and distracting myself, kind of like I'm a cat who somehow manages to roll their own ball of wool out without them noticing. My ball of wool on New Year weekend was a baptismal walk and high ceilings and brunch and other activities which feel carefully crafted and won't end in e.g. throwing up outside your flat because you ate beer and oranges all New Year's Day. Anyway, turns out that you can be as grown up and structured as you like but sometimes, you're just going to feel sad. And that's cool as long as you can see through the trees or some similar cliche. Still, the trees probably obscured my enjoyment of Kopapa somewhat.
The Turkish eggs have been raved about to me by someone whose recommendations I usually trust but they just weren't doing it for me. I enjoyed the chilli oil and the texture of the bread and yes, the eggs were poached in that delicate, unachievable way. But too much yoghurt. It just got this clag behind my tongue and I didn't find it pleasant to eat. And there was something sour about the after taste of the yoghurt which resonated with the after taste of the coffee. Anyway, I'll give it another go because the food was fine, just not what I had expected. And the service was the closest I've seen to perfect in London bar Clove Club. And obviously there are better ways to experience something than when you feel like you're manacled to a Dementor.

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