Friday, 29 January 2016

Review - Mary's

I learnt some great new acronyms from a pal recently: IDGAF, IRDGAF, IDRGAF. The I stands for I and the D stands for don't. With some imagination, you can work out what the other letters stand for. And that's about where I'm at right now, but that sounds negative when it's really not: the perverse thing about not GAF is that it gets confused with confidence whereas when you try really hard and stress out always, people react poorly and it never feels like you've tried hard enough. So it was all going dandily and I was enjoying being one of those people where you're like 'what I don't get how you could just not have done this thing that we all heard you say you'd do!' and getting what I want more of the time. When I had this dawning realisation that I really don't need be less self sacrificing and actually this has maybe pushed me over into wanker territory. Striking the balance between NGAF and not being a wanker is tricky and I'm definitely not doing it well at the moment. Which (Sex and the City style poorly written segue) got me to thinking about which of these behaviours and character traits have been acquired in the last six months or whether I've always had them but they've been suppressed due to low (or often high) level stress and depression. As an example, I haven't cooked much recently and haven't had people over for dinner. Even worse, when doing group meals, I've just been an unashamed wanker about it and offered to bring wine rather than put any effort in. But I always recognised myself as someone who cooks often but maybe that was just one of the ways in which I got all listy and organised as reaction to stress and uncertainty. Ditto wanting little oasises (what is the plural of oasis?) of home time in my weekends rather than just semi-backpacking around London. So how am I going to bring this back to what I ate? I was doing my schlepping from this cafe, Mary's, to see my parents and was so tired that I felt necessary to get a cab in the full daylight with full transport and my mother was all like 'YOUR EYES YOUR HAIR WHAT IS GOING ON STABILITY BUY A HOUSE' and my reaction was IRDGAF
I recommended Mary's to someone and their first question was 'is it trendy greasy spoon or regular?' and it is definitely not trendy in décor (and has a really scuzzy toilet) but the food is SO on point. I had eggs, bubble, hash brown, mushrooms and beans and toast. Oh my god that toast - fuck that butter was so melty and glossy and tasted so rich. The mushrooms were just done and garlicky and fried not watery. The bubble and squeak was fluffy and light and all the enclosed cabbage had retained its colour. The eggs had notably delicious yolks. I think actually the best breakfast in London - and no annoying yuppy frills aimed at people like me.

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