Friday, 26 February 2016

Review - Chettinad, Bonnington Cafe

OK, it's happened. I'm finally funned out. The problem that having only social engagements and projects have is, as I was explaining to someone at Bonnington Cafe. Let's stop here and do my segue into talking about the food. It's a supper club style place with a different chef every night and everything is vegan or at the very least, vegetarian. I had the berber pate which was earthy and warm and had that quality of sushi (it tasted NOTHING like sushi) where the longer you keep it in your mouth, the more developed the flavours become. The creamy mushroom with mash (which sounds weird) actually came on a plate with different eastern european treats: sweet cabbage, dill, slight spice. The pear cake with mascarpone was REALLY good. Great texture, great flavour, what more do you want from a pudding?

Anyway, as I was saying at Bonnington Cafe, those things then take on the quality of being a job. I can sometimes be a little too defensive about whether you should or shouldn't do something you really, really love and would do anyway because why would you ruin something you really love and will always do? But that's sort of like saying NEVER BE WITH ANYONE YOU LIKE BECAUSE IT WILL (almost) ALWAYS END. Anyway, thoughts on that aside, my point is I do kind of think it's fine not to fulfil your passion / dream / whatever as long as you're satisfied and at peace with not doing that and, as someone who bores easy and hates obligation, I am probably of the temperament not suited to following the dream. Yet what I didn't realise until recently is that actually, if you sign up to NRGAF with the consolation that you have lots going for you in other areas, those other areas get imbued with the same sense of pressure as work. Not the way. And it makes you do things like treat all fun things as necessary, unmovable obligations even when all you want to do is go and lie on your floor until you fall asleep and it is tomorrow, as I did two hours before going to Chettinad. Equally, it has its benefits, i.e. Chettinad evening was both delicious and well rounded.

The dosa! I was really, really craving some slow cooked Indian subcontinent lamb (really should make a visit home soon) with paratha and this dosa, at a very reasonable £12 completely hit that craving. The dosa was firm enough to hold it's shape and be adequate as a vessel for the curry but also soft enough to soak up the delicious sauce. The lamb was, as I always describe all asian food, moreish and wholesome and reminded me of home. The potato had that slight fenugreek thing going on that I love. I'm very pleased to add Chettinad to the roster of places in central London that aren't too expensive and delicious.

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