Friday, 12 February 2016

Review - Ekachai

Sometimes, the 'if you think it, then it will be so' trick I do has its perils. For example, when I went into notes to paste the scribbles of a blog into blog and had the thought 'hmm pressed cut by accident better paste it properly will be real pissed off if I accidentally erase the entry' and then, as pasting, accidentally cut the word 'going' from the scribbles I did within blogging app. FFS. But there's a good learning in this (learning is the corpobabble that has most successfully integrated itself into my lexicon) that I must accept that because everything is going well and I'm owning my life or whatever doesn't mean every single thing will go as planned and I should try to manage (actually maybe manage is the corpo-word I use the most but I quite like that one because it's useful) the unreasonable sense of frustration when I have a slightly less than 100% experience. Must remember to not translate high achiever expectations from career onto other things. The blog that I accidentally deleted was about being annoyed at hormonal contraception because it's impossible to assess how much of a mood is externally triggered and how much is 'authentic'. But also, it is a very modern day millennial action to constantly assess and analyse and it's not helpful and feeds into the unhelpful expectant attitude that we should all strive for everything to be 100% on point all the time. That just isn't the way any cookie crumbles. So, this is in stark contrast with where I was at last Friday when I went to Ekachai and I was gonna do a whole bit about hormones making me feel all fidgety and inspiring actions like going to eight different locations in search for chicken satay and ending up getting a cold, shit version from Co Op and also mini eggs to counteract the disappointment which I then proceeded to eat in around seven minutes but then it all going back to rights again on Friday and that seemingly being confirmed when I got DELICIOUS satay at Ekachai. But anyone who's read Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow knows that really, it was just things regressing to the mean! Sometimes you're ahead and sometimes you're behind, and when it's on such a micro level, there's really no point overthinkin' it. More on the satay!

Grilled and smokey skewers whose only failing was the shape as that made them difficult to get the spicy, peanut sauce slathered on it. This was followed by a rending which was saucier than the one that I make that hit the spot because I was discussing rending with housemates. This particular rending was less spicy than others I'd had but also fruitier tasting. And the beef was tender like it had been poached rather than that slightly stringy stewed quality. Very quick service and very no frills - a good casual dining option.

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