Friday, 4 March 2016

Review - Persepolis, Maloko

As I write this on a Friday afternoon, I am considering how much more tiring a week is when you have to be there all five days. I mean, come on. So unreasonable. Two four day weeks in a row thanks to Porto had made me forget quite how easy it is to get into a 'live for the weekend' mind set. (And by 'live for the weekend', I mean 'all I really want to do tonight / forever is destroy my body until I fall into a hole where I can drown in my own misery and there are no obligations stopping me from doing that on a Saturday'.) So, anyway, I appear to have made myself a hole in blog terms that I can't escape and segue to what I want to talk about. Which is: vegetables. After Porto, my body felt so full of the fat from that lovely pork sandwich that I just wanted to be fresh and clean and eat mildly spicy vegetarian food so I ate marrow and lentils all week and on the weekend went to TWO vegetarian restaurants.
Persepolis is undoubtedly the better of the two. Top tier meze (especially the beetroot), bouncy bread. Menemen which makes me just want to give up trying to make those things which are simple and middle eastern that taste great when you make them but pale in comparison to anyone who can actually make them, like here. Fattet (chickpea and spinach and fried bread) that was maybe slightly less good than the eggs but still incredible. I wish I could remember / describe all the flavours more distinctly. And it fed 2x people for 2x meals (even if one meal was more like pudding for dinner) for £20 which is about the best value place I've come across in London so far.
Not that Maloko was bad, just more limited. This had more of the feel of a friend who is a very good cook but can only really make pancakes. It does galettes, which (fun fact) are traditionally made of buckwheat flour, and I had one filled with different vegetables inc asparagus, spinach and tomato. Oh, and cheese! It was stuffed full, the vegetables were fresh and still crunchy as required and the water was well contained and drained so that there was no soggy pancake (gross). Basic, but fun.

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