Friday, 29 April 2016

Review - Appestat, Indian Veg

There's a song by Pinback I think which just has a guy shouting 'We must move backwards to progress / we must move backwards to progress / we must move backwards to progress'. (As I typed that I was singing it in my head but think that was lost in the typing.) Anyway, my point is - we must. Good thing to remember that when you're having a 'FFS Ari WHY' moment. That can either be a why do you never learn or a why do you never change or, worst of all, why are you you and why do you insist on feeling like this so much of the time? Well, there's no point asking, and will only make the already exhausting experience of being you harder. The next thing to remember that you like projects but unlike rearranging the fridge or failing to start a podcast, getting better at being yourself is valuable because it makes you less prone to being a selfish dick. But, as with all projects, you need to see progress to keep the motivation but it's really hard to measure yourself progress in a person. But anyway, on the day that I ate at Indian Veg and Appestat (which I will review down there), I had cause to make comparisons to how much the project of me has really come along in the past five years. Even if sometimes everything is in my head blacker than that new black they invented, I'm way, way better equipped to handle it, and even being rid of the fear of the blackness makes it a lot easier to deal with events that feel like they could rock your boat. Even if it doesn't feel like it most of the time.
So this grand old speech I think I was doing in or just before Appestat, a little yuppie-ish cafe on that little passage to the right of Angel station. It looks pretty standard and unremarkable (and probably is) but the sausage sandwich there comes on brioche and it's nice touches like that that mean that I will go back at some point. Tasted a bit like what I imagine a posh McDonald's breakfast would taste like.
Then later that day I went to the BYOB all you can eat Indian place that's full of cute and preachy posters. I wasn't expecting much since BYOB (though great) does usually indicate you're catering to people for whom the occasion is the priority rather than the food. And for those who want to eat all they can, it's more that food is a different kind of priority. But hey, this was pretty tidy! No grey vegetable, not too much potato, a rich dahl and crunchy, varied salads. Very enjoyable. 

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