Friday, 22 April 2016

Review - Crate

Remember when I was recently talking about feeling homesick for a time and not really knowing how to describe or explain why that was the case? Well, I've cracked it. (Well done me, I'm very ~~at one with my emotions~~) It occurred to me that for someone who's usually quite wary of change and has a love/hate relationship with comfort and familiarity, I've experienced a lot of it in the last six months and haven't really had a chance to process that. It's also primarily been centred around the home which explains the feeling of homesickness, even though I haven't changed location. I've replaced 75% of my housemates and in the process reformatted my household so that I make up 25% of it, rather than 12.5% of it. You can feel uprooted without having to physically move from deconstructing your routines and rebuilding them, however positive it is to do that. But it's crucial to take a little time to drink it in. I often mocked the Explorer for his whole 'I like to just sit back and take stock' bit - but (and this is about the only time this will happen) - he was right. At first I was distracted and busy in the bad way (workworkworkworkwork), and later I was distracted in the good way (holidays, Christmas, new friends (in the Cursive sense)) so then when more recently, I've had time to pause, I've been left with a slight sense of 'when did this happen to my life?' The homesickness was being aware of the change but avoiding the pause. Anyway, (blog about to take a real cheesy turn rn), how do you cure homesickness? Homesickness isn't about a place, it's about a sense of place, so you just need to go to where you feel home again. And for me, with my very complicated but predictable relationship with home (immigrant, alienation, moving around a lot, weird relationship with parents / actual home), home is in a love of and familiarity in the people with which I surround myself (including but not limited to this list of three): contrarians who know my taste, magicians who share my utter lack of self control, hot shot producers who like to hang out in Hackney Wick (at Crate)
Is the pizza at Crate good? I'm not sure. I think on balance, yes? The balsamic vinegar is clearly very high quality (so fruity!) and the parmesan is firm in both flavour and texture. The rocket is bitter in a way that reminds you that Tesco leaves are a pile of bull. The base was... what you'd expect from an artisanal but not sourdough pizza base, I guess. In fact. The pizza was definitely good - I'm prejudiced from the weird seeming toppings! But who cares when you're sat outside in a boat?

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