Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Review - Fish House, Aubergine and Mint Stir Fry

This post is going to be about outlines. (I know Rachel Cusk got there first but I found her protagonist's tone a bit annoying, and therefore all the characters a bit annoying, but she has the last laugh since she's all acclaimed and all whereas I'm just annoying.) So I was recently thinking about managing the flow of information and what you choose to share with the world and different people in it. While this blog is very candid, it by no means shares everything that I could, and has a lot of ego influencing how I choose to portray myself. It's not particularly insightful to say that there are different layers of people, with whom I choose to share different levels of information for different purposes. But I was recently thinking about why: there are those who I share with for to hear their response, there are those who I share with to understand my response (since I find writing my thoughts down makes them at once more clear and less deafening), and then there are those with whom you begin to share because you feel like you ought to. Anyway, so somewhere between Thursday and Tuesday I was thinking about how the information that you choose to share relates to your outline and your sense of self. My conclusions are: it feels good to share because it means you feel confident within your outline and reinforces a feeling of 'aloneness not loneliness'. But where you have to be careful is when you share inadvertently, and almost fail to preserve your outline because it's so comfortable and easy to do. But actually, it helps to rail against that impulse because ultimately, as soon as your outline begins to slip you feel less yourself, and your senses dull and everything is less vivid and acute. Anyway, between thinking these things, I ate some food!

Fish House
OK so I finally (fourth time lucky) got to Fish House. And sadly, while I would love to say it was worth the wait, I have some apprehensions about it. Firstly - it is just too done. It's too done to be at ease. Which would be one thing if the food justified it. But actually, even though we went for the cheaper takeout option, it was still on the wrong side of expensive. I don't know, the batter had a heaviness that gives you a salt headache which wasn't counteracted by the freshness of the fish. The chips were proper chip shop chips, which I enjoyed, but at that price? However, props to the mushy peas for striking the right balance between creamy and chip shop and posh and sweet.

Aubergine and mint stir fry
Finely slice a red and white onion and a thumb sized piece of ginger, and stir fry in veg oil in a wok until soft and lightly browned. Meanwhile, slice a large aubergine so they're sort of in noodle-like ribbons. Quarter a large handful of mushrooms. Thinly slice a red pepper. Add a level teaspoon of turmeric and a level teaspoon of chilli powder to the veg oil. Add the aubergine and turn the heat down, stirring occasionally, until they're soft. Then, add the mushrooms and red onion. Whisk 4 eggs in a jug, push the vegetables out to the side of the pan and add the egg mix into the well in the middle, stirring gently to scramble. While those are cooking, fry 3 nests of noodles (from one of those packets) for a couple of minutes. Drain and add to the wok. Lastly, add a tablespoon of light soy sauce, a tablespoon of honey and a handful of mint, finely chopped.

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