Saturday, 7 May 2016

Review - Silk Road

I have FINALLY been to Silk Road. Having failed to go on three occasions (got drunk and ate a Wetherspoons chilli dog, watched a film download and ate pesto pasta, had sex and went to Nando's) I railroaded some pals into going ('I don't CARE if you're going in a week I want to go on Friday'). Anyway, got there in the end.
I don't know what the point of me even bothering to say this place is great is as that is already well understood / literally who ever reads this to get food tips / it's very scene in the non-European cuisine that's cheap and therefore popular with a certain brand of young people (which is no bad thing). Nevertheless, special shout out to: the chilli oil on those noodles, the aubergine, the plate of cucumber which is probably the only plate of cucumber I've ever wanted to devour.

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