Sunday, 5 June 2016

Review - Wuli Wuli

25 lessons I have learnt in my 25 years, in the order that I learnt them

1. Talking the same as people (to the point of putting on a Geordie accent on your first day in a new school) makes you more likeable 

2. Being good at maths and foreign do not make you popular at school, but one day you will learn that they are clear advantages

3. If you can read, you will never be lonely 

4. Children are very shallow, and it's a shame glasses got cool 15 years after you wore them 

5. Learning to use the Internet is an invaluable skill, but later in life it will seem like the biggest waste of time 

6. Fringes are great 

7. 18 is really late to have to learn to try at things

8. Don't only talk to the person you are having sex with about personal things. Really not a sustainable model, neither good for sex or for talking 

9. University is definitely not all fun and games 

10. Everyone's parents fucks them up in a small but significant way - no point dwelling or bitching; they could have done much worse 

11. You will realise how important and privileged an education is only when it is too late 

12. No one cares about body hair and it certainly won't have the same effect as a chastity belt 

13. Your metabolism will one day slow down, it's good to have acquired a taste for moving before that happens 

14. Financial independence is empowering

15. Sometimes you just need somewhere to go to work every day, even if it's not in a place that fills you with wonder  

16. Always eat, especially before drinking 

17. Cocaine is bad for everyone and isn't even fun. Try to avoid 

18. People who make you feel less yourself can be a good distraction at a time of need, but it is not a long term strategy

19. London rents are not a reason to move in with a partner 

20. Meditation and mooncups are both as great as everyone who evangelises about them make out

21. Better to deal with mind numbing depression as early as possible in life, but your twenties isn't too late 

22. Fulfilment > money

23. Those who are most risk averse (me) are often best placed to take risks

24. There is no point trying to keep things from those close to you, and you're too old for this shit

25. Birthday parties are a wonderful distraction

(I didn't take a picture of the food at my birthday party, and nor did I cook it, so we'll go with a review of Wuli Wuli, where I ate the night before.)
Actually, ate this both the night before and the day after when I finally thought I might be able to contain food. The beef brisket in the noodles was the best bit, though the noodles themselves were a little too thick and heavy. The cumin lamb tasted similar but a bit more Sichuan peppercorn metallic, though the texture wasn't as good as the beef. I wasn't the biggest fan of the kung po chicken - both flavour and texture reminded me of generic MSG fuelled Sutton Coldfield Chinese. The aubergine has a great texture but again that too heavy aroma. And all a little too expensive - £40 total including beers - for food less good than Silk Road.

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