Monday, 25 July 2016

How things taste

When I was lying in bed feeling like I'd already died a couple of months ago, my publisher friend curated me a 'playlist' of books that I'd enjoy. She'd carefully ordered it to balance heartwarming with cutting satire and the first on the list was Tuesday Nights in 1980. The author captures a dynamic / person pitch perfectly by describing what they taste like (hard to explain - read it). So with Molly Prentiss fresh on my mind, I thought I'd do the reverse: describing the taste of food with the feelings.

B Street Deli's jacket potato followed by afters of cheese and grapes four weeks later: change, bravery, excitement, and finally doing something constructive with all those middle class 'the world is a shit place' feels you feel.

The shepherd's pie at the Skylight Cafe: doing something for yourself, not being flitty, attempting to make your grandmother proud, and trying to make something of your ideas / yourself because you can see a future.

The roasted summer vegetables (aubergines, red onion, peppers) with a summery dressing (olive oil, lemon juice, parsley, chickpeas, coriander, sultanas, walnuts) on cous cous that you can finally not-drown (Ottolenghi) tastes of calm, fulfilment, lightness, and finally feeling whole enough that you don't need to explain yourself online anymore. Oh, and being able to cook, obv.

That's all, folks xxx

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