Monday, 4 July 2016

Review - Asian Takeaway, Le Garrick

While I recognise that it's far more likely that the pills have kicked in than Glastonbury has cured all my ills, the coincidence has helped to romanticise. It is really great to not cancel plans constantly and waste many hours staring listlessly unable to read and do basic chores like laundry. It is really, really relieving to not constantly think about ineffectual ways of dying triggered by eg open windows (would just break some bones) and walking by canals (I'm not that bad at swimming). Probably most relieving is for the first time in maybe two years not constantly obsessing about whatever thing I've assumed has been making me unhappy (not having a job, boyfriend A, obsessive rebound, job, boyfriend B, having no direction) when the biggest contributing factor has most likely been a chemical imbalance. And I can eat again! While it's been some consolation being the most thin I've been as an adult, it is much better having the desire and energy to eat again, particularly since I was taken out for a birthday steak. Look at the onion soup!
Le Garrick
Second best steak I've had, second best creme brulee, second best onion soup. Very atmospheric, really sweet but not over the top service. Much tastier and better value than Hawksmoor (where birthday tradition began), frankly. 

Asian Takeaway
Appetite sustained itself all through the week! I finally managed to find the hole in the wall where Asian Takeway in Peckham lives. Not quite Curry 2000, but willing to give it another go and get a wrap.

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