Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Review - De Aarige Pars, Kantjil & De Tijgre, Foodware

With the return of my appetite came a real craving for salty, meaty fast food. Not really clear to me whether I’ve been eating like there is no tomorrow because I haven't *really* accepted that there will be a tomorrow and therefore IDGAF about things such as the environmental impact of eating meat, my health or my weight. A more charitable view of eating meals such as two potato waffles with vanilla ice cream is that I'm uncomplicated about food. I guess it's the kind of thing you don't appreciate if you have but would miss if it was gone. The only type of food shame I get is the ‘is this how an adult really feeds themselves?’ kind, and even then not strongly enough to avoid buying things as spaghetti hoops and Viennese whirls every time I'm in the shops. Anyway, my pre-holiday diet included: a fillet o fish, 12 chicken nuggets, a 2l tub of vanilla ice cream, eight potato waffles, 12 Linda McCartney vegetarian sausages (vain attempt at getting my avoid meat in week rule to kick in), an Indian takeaway (inc meat), KFC, a Morley’s inc weird coleslaw of mysterious origin, two unexpected BBQs and four chocolate bars (haven't bought a chocolate bar since 2014 maybe).

Thinking about it, my holiday diet was much healthier. Very cheap and informal Persian food from De Aarige Pers including an aubergine thing which beat that of Silk Road. Incredibly well planned / timed Indonesian rijsttafel from Kantjil & De Tijgre.
Vibrantly coloured and incredibly flavoured dishes served in neatly designed Foodware by a man I briefly thought I might try and seduce / move in with in the hour before heading to the airport. 

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